15 April 2009

San Pedro de Atacama

My friend Crystal took an amazing trip to Chile in February! Sun and the world's driest desert ranked #1 for places she visited while there!!! Check it out:

04 December 2008

Pura Vida!

Alas, I have return. I will get my act in gear and post all the beautiful postcards I continue to receive! Today's installment is from Costa Rica! Megan & William went on a FAM with my company; they had a wonderful time, and they sent me a postcard each. There are so many places I want to see, but you wouldn't have to twist my arm to make me go back to warm, rainy, and green Costa Rica.


Side Note: I received William's almost two weeks ago, and Megan's was received yesterday!

26 September 2008

Another Update on My Laziness

I must apologize for my lack of posts. We went through a dry spell with internet, and I am now proud to announce that the internet has been found and I am back in business. I will start back up and get this blog back in shape. I would hate for my dear postcard senders to think I do not appreciate the lovely postcards I have been receiving because I love them (and you!)!!

Stay tuned - more postcards to follow.

02 June 2008

Valpariso, Chile

Ms Emiko wins most faithful postcard sender award! Since I told Emiko about my collection, she has sent me a postcard since she has arrived in Ecuador. I am however using that one as a bookmark and don't feel like scanning it yet, but it must be my favorite so far. Here is one from her travels in Chile.

National Geographic Article

I went to the airport to meet Mark; he was flying in from the east coast. I was in the mood for a magazine and happened upon this fine zine: National Geographic. Mainly because of the new Stonehenge hoop-la. However, I found this short piece and of course must share:

04 May 2008

My Favorite Summer Vacation Spot in the US: Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Every year my family goes to Ocean Isle Beach, NC. The water is so warm, and the beach is not too crowded. Mark and I have recently started going, but there were a few years that I was not there to party... counting down the days till this summer!